Award Winning Showjumping Coach

Over 25 Years International Coaching Experience

  • Set Goals

    I will work with you to set realsitic, short and long term goals. Taking any limitiations into consideration and with a fundamental focus on the mental and physical welfare, of both you and your horse.

  • Plan, Train, Progress

    Once your goals are set we move forward into a planned training schedule. Working with clear objectives in each session. Homework will be set and will be based on the outcomes from each training session.

  • Achieve

    Dreams do come true!

    My proven methods, experience and ethusiam partnered with your commitment and effort to improve, will enable you to achieve your goals whatever they may be.


"I can whole heartedly recommend Mia as a Showjumping Coach and Mentor. She is an avid ambassador for all things British Showjumping, always keeping me informed of latest developments and opportunities. I have found her teaching style to be unique, in that unlike other trainers, she doesn’t simply just tell you what to do. She will explain our training objectives first, we then discuss how they are going to be achieved. Once we have completed them I am asked to review how effective my riding was; what went well, what can be improved and most importantly why it happened as it did. 

This approach encourages independence and has given me the ability to think things through and make adjustments as required by myself. This independence is exactly what you need in the ring.

Mia is an extremely compassionate and empathetic trainer, and in my opinion balances horse and rider welfare perfectly alongside goals and results."

January Baxendale, UK.

Showjumping Coach Mia-Palles Clark

Tel: 07710791095