About Mia

Mia is an empathetic and concise showjumping coach. Her dedication to the sport, British Showjumping, horse welfare and her fellow riders is second to none.

Mia Palles-Clark, Showjumping Trainer, Coach & Mentor

With over 25 years of international coaching experience and being a well accomplished rider herself, Mia's results both in and out of the ring exemplify her expertise, dedication and commitment to continuous improvement.

Welfare - Connection - Empathy - Results

If you're looking for a showjumping coach to simply tell you what to do from beginning to end, then she's probably not the right coach for you. If however, you are looking for a coach that will develop both your physical and mental capabilities and give you the tools to think, ride and correct independently then she is your perfect match.

If the truth be known, Mia was riding before she had even drew her first breath in the world. Born into a family of equestrian enthusiasts and to a strong mother who laid the foundations of her incredible coaching path when she told Mia "riding alone would not provide a grounded lifestyle, you have a talent for teaching and you must harness and hone the gift you have been given". That was many years ago, since then, like the good girl she is, has followed her mother's advice and continues to exceed the expectations of those that support and follow her path in life.

Pessoa, Stockdale, Skelton

As well as her seemingly endless formal qualifications, Mia has trained with some of the true greats from the world of showjumping. Her travels taking her far and wide. Learning was not restricted to acquiring equestrian knowledge, she is an accomplished linguist who fluently speaks French & German.  

England Home Pony Chef d’Equipe - British Army

In addition to coaching individual riders, Mia has been the England Home Pony Chef d’Equipe since 2017 . Bringing home numerous gold medals and developing the young riders to cope with the stresses and complexities that arise from these competitions and selection processes. She also coaches the British Army showjumping team, developing ability, strategy and team ethos.